Hotel Room Near Six Flags Magic Mountain

Visit Los Angeles and relax away from the crowds.Located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, the standard of comfort and superior service at Travelodge Sylmar help you wind down and refresh yourself after a full day of work or vacation activities.

Travelodge Sylmar Hotel - Quality tops the standard

Enjoy superb guest room amenities when you stay near downtown Sylmar, and take advantage of the comfort. With king large beds, soft carpeting, beautiful vistas these spacious rooms will make you feel right at home. In addition, guests of the Sylmar hotel have access to amenities and features that are a cut above the standard.

Travelodge Sylmar Hotel Room - Perfect for both Business and Vacation

Each room shares the quiet, secluded feel that makes Travelodge Sylmar a better-than-standard option for business travelers and happy vacationers.Whether you want to take in the breathtaking mountain vistas and look at beautiful downtown, or just in a comfortable room at Travelodge Sylmar is the right place for you.

Quick Facts

Hotel Contact

Telephone: 818-367-0141

14955 Roxford St.,
Sylmar, CA 91342, US